Who am I?

Rochelle Karina_Headshot_BandWWelcome to my tale of life, love and laughter; it’s sometimes poignant, sometimes funny but always meaningful.

I like to make people think, feel, be challenged, laugh, cry, learn, act, give…

About me:

Smart, urbanite, foodie, funny, cook, passionate, opinionated, political, irreverent, writer, photographer, busy, mom, wife, shoe fiend, fashionista, frequent hostess, teacher, displaced Californian…

Formerly managing editor for several firearm magazines, then for local newspapers (a story and a half that one!) now working freelance as a writer and editor… oh yeah, and enjoying the fun and challenge of being a published fiction writer.

Wanna know where you can see my professional work? Just ask me, I’ll be glad to share!

I use this space as a fun fest, rant receptacle, thought provoking dumping ground and life review.

I welcome comments, thoughts and opinions, even if… no wait, strike that, especially if they differ from my own. I love a courteous and respectful dialogue that challenges thought processes on both sides of the equation.

1 thought on “Who am I?”

  1. Dean Jones said:

    Hey, Keep in touch, I hope all is going great with you.

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