teetering on the edge…

My quotes of the day this morning are incredibly apt –

“Depression is rage spread thin.” (G. Santayana)

“To fly, we have to have resistance.” (M. Lin)

Life, at this point, has me teetering at a precipice – looking over the edge and seeing insanity below. Is it better than the insanity I face every day? Is it any different?

I step back from the edge – knowing I do not want to fall into the abyss.

I hold fast to knowing – nothing good comes without effort, no growing happens without some pain, no progress without a fight.

And so, I plunge – not into the abyss of insanity, but into the water of life, into the unknown, the churning waves of life lived not by the rules of others, but by the heart, mind and spirit of the one living.

Where the river leads, I do not know. Where I will land, I do not fear.

I will no longer be dead… I chose to live, even through the pain of change.