This is food?

I just got my kid’s menu for school lunches for the month of April…

OK, bad Mom award – I admit, it’s been a LONG time since I actually looked at the darn thing. Well, today, I did and I think I may be ill. YUCK! I also think I’m gonna start packing my kid’s lunches again. EWWWW!

I also found out that BOTH of my kids usually opt for the “alternative” lunches of yogurt and salad bar. I’m glad to hear that!

This months choices include such wonderful, healthful and parental-gray-hair inducing items as:

Pepperoni Pizza, Turkey Corndogs, Mac N Cheese, French Toast & Sausage (for lunch??), Chicken Nachos, Chicken Nuggets and three – count them THREE – days of carted in Deep Dish Pizza…. My daughter’s school also includes such yummy treats as “Panda Express Day” and “McDonald’s Day”. There are of course, the side dish offerings of salads, veggies, fruits, etc. But the nutritional content listed on the MAIN DISH alone is an over 650 calories – I’m almost afraid to ask about sodium content (and they don’t list it) but the fat content for the main dishes averages 20% and the saturated fat averages 6%.

While those numbers don’t sound too bad, and I realize these things were put together by a nutritionist, I can’t help but think back to the school lunches I had – they included a single, simple HOT item – usually a casserole, and a hot veggie, as well as either a cold salad or fruit. HMMMM…. TWO veggie/fruit items, and ONE meat/starch item. Wow. Go figure…

And I am also just disgusted to think of the school serving my kids fast food. I don’t feed my kids fast food if I can help it. And I certainly don’t feed them greasy, over-processed junk.

The more I looked over this menu, the more I realized how much it resembled some kid’s fantasy fast food joint.

I’m about to seriously start questioning WHY they consider this to be an acceptable menu when the schools are trying to promote healthy eating choices, and healthy, active lifestyles… These same kids are expected to be able to WALK a mile in under 12 minutes… Totally doable… But with THAT garbage for lunch?