Ye GADS! She’s got a GUN!

Yep, I am a proud member of the gun-totin’ momma club!
I grew up around them, understood them to be tools to be respected and treated with care – not fear, and have learned to enjoy them.
My career revolves around firearms of all sorts, most of my hobby and leisure time activities revolve around firearms of a pretty specific type.
Yes, ladies and gents, I am one of those crazy gun owner types. I AM the NRA.
I am NOT going to stand here and say there should be NO gun laws; that would be silly. However, our current morass of insanity that passes for gun legislation is an ugly chasm of redundancy, political motivation and money grubbing – ahhhhh…. How refreshing. Politics never change.

I, like many in the firearms industry, firmly believe that it is the responsibility of our industry to tone down the “Bubba factor” – there is this image of “gun folks” as either backwards hicks, ignorant hillbillies, or worse…

And so – for your perusal… Here are a some of those wild-eyed heathens who believe owning a gun is one of those things protected by our Bill of Rights – right next to that freedom of speech thing….

Yep - I like archery too!

Fellow gun chicks - and proud of it!

Yep - those’re mine!