I’m just a little toe…

… what can I do?

So you don’t donate thousands of dollars to your favorite charity and you don’t volunteer hours upon hours each month at your local homeless shelter, nor have you adopted a child orphaned by some natural disaster, nor trekked into Africa carrying medical supplies past warring tribes.

Your budget doesn’t have a penny extra for anything special for your own children, much less anything to spare for those “less privileged” than you.
You barely have time to cook, clean and care for your own brood, and would love to have an hour a week to yourself, never mind having an hour a week to volunteer.
You can’t imagine adding yet another mouth, yet another pair of feet, yet another bed to your already bursting at the seams home.
And the last time you traveled out of the country you got a case of Montezuma’s Revenge from eating something you shouldn’t have.

So, you’re not an “activist”, right?

Says who?

Just because you don’t stand on a picket line or get your face plastered on the 5 o’clock news does not mean you can’t do something.

Every voice, no matter how small, counts. Every person willing to take a stand for an issue makes an impact.

What CAN you do?

Where is your passion? What things have you seen or heard that make your eyes tear up, get you riled up in righteous anger, or have you hollering at your TV, newspaper or computer?

What CAN you do?

Find those things and make them part of your life.

You can write letters to your representatives – Senators, Congressmen, Governor, even your Mayor.

You can go digging through your house and find those things you no longer need and instead of dumping them in the trash or just calling the Good Will, do a little research – I’m willing to bet there is a homeless shelter, veteran’s organization or something in your area that could use some of those things. THEN call the Good Will to pick up the rest.

Call your local military bases – find out if they still have some hospitality programs – invite a service member into your home for a holiday. These young people are often away from home for the first time, and they are lonely.

At the very least, become a person who can converse intelligently on some problem topics, and be willing to be a part of the solution – however small your part may be.

Your pinkie toe may seem unimportant, but ask anyone who has lost that toe, and they will tell you their balance is off and they often have to relearn how to walk. That little toe may seem insignificant but it plays a big part in the whole machine.