It’s a mad, mad, mad world…

And I’m going nuts in it!

OK time for a series of petty bitchiness… Why? Just because I can!

First up – airport shuttle service… UGH!  How does a 6:30 flight, 1 hour pre-flight check-in and 20 minute drive add up to a FOUR AM pick up? Last I checked, I should be arriving at the airport around 5:30, plus a 20 minute drive now means 5:10. Giving myself a little leeway means 5:00 AM, RIGHT? Oh, no… It means 4 O’clock in the freaking morning to these people! So I call to see if I can schedule a different time. The lady says, “well of course you can. How much earlier would you like us to get you?” What in the name of all that is holy do you do at the flipping airport at that hideous hour?

Next up – stupid people. As if the airport shuttle people weren’t bad enough… It’s not that  I expect everyone to have a “classical education” nor do I expect the world to marvel at my incredible wit (obviously, however, it pleases me when they do!) and I recognize that even I sometimes make clumsy attempts at humor (say it ain’t so!) But there are just certain things that I guess I figured had fallen into the common vernacular to the point that they should NOT require explanation. Huh. Guess I was dead wrong.

Oh – OK – maybe “stupid” is too strong a word….

Lo and behold, there are countless folks out there who somehow escaped their educational experiences, as well as life in general, without coming to appreciate one of the best-known lines of Hamlet.

Suffice to say, I’m seriously trying to resist the urge to start asking these same folks if they believe the line: Wherefore art thou Romeo? was all about asking “Hey, Romeo dude, where the heck are you, huh?”

So yes, I originally said “stupid” – I am sorry… I guess that was not very politically correct of me… But, after all, a rose by any other name…

alright, I’ll shut up now…