Just stress – that’s all it is…

It’s Wednesday and my head is swimming with just way too much info. I’m seriously in need of a giant filing cabinet for my brain, dammit!

Amidst my usual insanity at work – I’ve taken on some new projects – some I love, some I don’t, dumped some that I hated, dumped others I actually enjoyed and dealt with some typical office politics crap (sometimes, being the office “girl” sucks – no matter how cool the guys in the office are… they’re still GUYS and you’re still NOT.)

The kids are off on summer break, which means a messier house, schedule all over the place and tons of activities that they WANT to attend as well as the already echoing cries of boredom.

The ex still, still, still has not signed papers, and is pulling more of his typical BS. He’s not supposed to be scheduling kid things for MY time, but of course, he’s not actually scheduling the events – he’s just encouraging the kids to attend them, then telling me about them the DAY BEFORE they happen.

The BF is getting more and more frustrated with the ex, and I don’t blame him. Especially when the kids come over, and the first day with us is Attitude Central.

I’m trying to put together a series of form letters for Rocky to use for the MFFO site – and the more I look at the crap happening in Darfur, the more infuriated I become, the more tangled my brain and the harder it is to form a cogent thought. I now understand why so many form letters to elected officials are so crappy. It’s hard to get through the passion and write politics.

Meanwhile, I seem to have an Internet stalker or two. Aren’t I just thrilled? Yeah. Right. Get a life, folks! Fortunately, it’s more annoying than dangerous, and ignoring the problem seems to be leading them to boredom. Yes, I really AM that boring!

And our little home in So Cal is attractive to friends and family from hotter climes. Thus, we frequently have guests. Not that I mind. I really don’t. In fact, I enjoy it. But it does make household life a little more hectic – especially when we have the kids.

The bottom line? I really need a vacation. But that isn’t going to happen this year. This year’s vacation was a trip to Duluth to visit Mom during surgery. Fortunately, that went well – but a week of cooking, cleaning and convalescent caring – as rewarding as it is, as much as I would not have traded that trip for anything in the world, does NOT a vacation make, especially when it’s icky Spring in Duluth, Minn.

Our recent mini trips have been so full of work-related stuff and shooting that even they haven’t felt like “time off”.

Oh yeah, and I’m on the tail end of that most lovely of things, the Summer Cold.

I’m sure I’m missing something… In fact, I’m positive I’m missing something. It is just not possible that my poor little over-worked brain managed to catalog everything on the first try. But who cares? Not me.

Somebody please sign me up for a week in some place that features nice, comfy beds, warm water, cool breezes and NO cell phones, computers, television or radio. I want to totally disconnect for a few days. NOW, dammit!

OK – rant over.