Random thoughts on social networking

One thing I have discovered here on the Internet is social networking sites. No, I don’t mean MySpace and I don’t mean chat rooms. I’ve discovered sites with a purpose.

You see, I started out frequenting message boards that focussed on my hobbies, including some shooting boards and well… let’s just say, I found most of them lacking. They were extremely shallow, narrow, one dimensional. And that bugged the hell out of me.

Then I discovered a couple of MOM sites – places for mothers to chat with each other, about the kids, men, life. I quickly discovered there that Internet life mirrors real life – there are some women I just can’t imagine being social with – under ANY circumstances.

However, there were some shining exceptions… Rocky and her stuff – with Muthahood and MFFO has been one of them…

As have Court and the gang over at MommyMatter.

I strongly recommend all of the above – not just for women, either!

However, every paradise has its snakes – As I branch out more, I discovering the dubious joys of having a cyber-stalker, oh what an experience that is. And I am also discovering how easy it is for people to weave webs of falsehoods – playing on the sympathies of others for their own sick pleasures.

Such is life, and I will not let a few bad apples spoil the barrel. But I choose instead to press on, hoping to be a little light in some way, hoping that my humble words can touch someone’s life – make them smile, make them think, something…

If I can do that, then all of the rest is just stuff and nonsense.