Love that Gunchick thang!

I’m not normally one for comic books, or comic-style art… That would be my daughter, GEC. She’s the comic junkie in the house. However, every now and then I run across something I just … well … really like. This is one of those times.

Can you imagine why I might like this image? Hmmm … I dunno … Lemme think for a sec ….

Oh yeah! Gotta be the chick with a gun concept! OK, I’ll forgive her for still having her damn finger on the trigger even when not being “on target” – I can live with that, this is a drawing, after all. But she’s HOT, dammit! And she’s got a GUN!

No clue who the guy is, I just discovered his stuff, and I’ve been sorting through some of his other work, pics, images, etc. And so far – I’m rapidly growing into a fan.

So, I just had to share.

Found on Photobucket and the CBR Forums (and I’m sure other places as well.)

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