Four Fun Facts

Because I’m bored this morning?

Because I’m in a mood to do something easy?

How about, just because?

Four jobs I’ve had:

~ Stage Manager

~ Ambulance Driver/Attendant

~ Church Secretary

~ Managing Editor

Four places I’ve been on vacation:

~ Del Norte Coast Redwoods – California

~ Death Valley – California

~ Virginia Beach – Virginia

~ All over the place – Baja California, Mexico

(I live in a vacation spot… people come here to vacation…)

Four of my favorite foods:

~ Sushi

~ GOOD Mexican

~ Shell fish of all sorts

~ Chocolate

(only four???)

Four movies I can watch over and over:

~ The Princess Bride

~ Moulin Rouge

~ The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934 or 1982 version)

~ My Fair Lady (OK, I admit it – I’ve got a sappy streak.)

(And the list goes on…)

Four places I’ve lived:

~ Sacramento, California

~ San Francisco, California

~ Boulevard, California

~ San Diego, California

(see a pattern there?)

Four TV shows I enjoy:


~ 30-Minute Meals

~ Good Eats

~ There isn’t another!

(it was originally, “love to watch regularly” but since I don’t…)

Four Web sites I visit daily:

~ Mommy Matter

~ Yahoo Comics

~ 10 News


Four places I’d rather be right now:

~ Back in bed!

~ Having a chilled drink on a very secluded beach

~ Sipping my coffee at a sidewalk café in Paris

~ On safari in Africa (I’ll even take a photo safari!)

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