What are you doing?

I’m stealing this from a dear friend (the hostess of the show):

“Tomorrow Sept. 26 at 3 pm eastern?!?! You will be sitting in front of your computer litstening to me at: www.blogtalkradio.com/mommymatter

I will be sitting down and talking with Noam Freedman, proprietor of Firestore in New York City. Noam works with charities and first responders to spread word of the after affects of September 11. Firestore and more information can be found at http://www.nyfirestore.com/still-killing.html

Seriously, y’all – as crazy as the show was with me (it was just a gab fest! Exactly what it was supposed to be!) this one should be a serious look at the issues surrounding post-9/11 for those who were there at Ground Zero.

My hat is still off to those men and women, and you’d better believe I’m gonna be listening in to this one!

Show some love people!

If you can’t catch it live, save the link and listen in on the archive later.