Rush is right … right?

OK, by now, anyone who has read enough of my stuff understands that I am politically rather twisted (and if you don’t yet – read my Politically Bent page…)

The deal is – I can’t claim “conservative” or “liberal” since I tend to agree with one side on one issue, and the other side on another. And I firmly believe most people are closer to the fence than they’d like to admit.

But there are some who just drive me bonkers.

Rush … the latest crap out of this guy’s mouth basically says a soldier who does not agree with the war effort, and makes negative comments is not a “real” soldier. So, ah … lemme get this straight. In Rush’s view of the world – you’re a “phony soldier” if you have served, seen the crap going on, and come home and have some negative opinions?

Wow. I guess I know a lot of “phony soldiers” then.

I am all for supporting our troops. And I understand why we went there in the first place. And I’m not one spouting “pull ‘em out now!”

But, the last time I checked, this was America and that means everyone is entitled to not only have an opinion but to state their opinion.

Disparaging the work, sacrifice and effort put forth just because a person does not agree politically is absolutely asinine.

I happen to have a lot of military friends and coworkers. Many of them fully support the war and everything about it. Many others, however, are doing their “duty” – they signed up to serve our country in whatever capacity they were ordered to – but they personally and politically disagree with many aspects of what is happening.

And, according to the great and powerful Rush – this makes them “phony soldiers”.

I guess it would be preferable to have a bunch of brainless automatons serving as our troops? Or perhaps the blood-thirsty battle-monger type would be better? Maybe we should administer an entrance exam upon signing up for the military wherein if you can prove that you are capable of independent thought, you’re declared unfit for duty.

The worst part about this?

This guy has enough pull, enough listeners, enough “gravitas” to have a large segment of Americans parroting the same bullshit line. They won’t think about it. They won’t analyze it for themselves. They won’t stop and consider how they really feel.

They will mindlessly say, “Dittoes, Rush!” and “Rush is Right!” and the track will go on, and on, and on, until the next “hot topic” comes along, whereupon this little tidbit will get filed away, ready to pull out the next time some soldier has the temerity to criticize the country he serves.