A question of compassion – part II

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “A question of compassion”… I was in process of writing a piece on sexual tourism – those sick individuals who travel to other countries, seeking to satisfy their pedophilia by engaging in sexual activity with young child prostitutes.

The concept disgusted me, the research shocked me and in the end, I wrote not the piece I was originally intending, but one that cut much deeper into my very own soul.

That post is complete now, waiting publication on October 4 on the MFFO site… There is an incredible amount of activity over there now, everything ranging from living green to Amber Alerts and issues in the Middle East – and just about everything in between.

Many is the time I have been in awe of the heart and compassion these ladies display. Many times I’ve been humbled by their desire to reach out beyond themselves, beyond their worlds, and into the worlds of others. And above all else, I have been inspired…

Which is why I count myself very lucky, very blessed indeed to be participating over there. 

Maybe this process is why I’ve been on a light and fluffy kick of late. The depth and darkness surrounding the sexual tourism piece was, I am ashamed to admit, nearly overwhelming. I kept having horrific images of my own children being victimized that way. The research haunted me, it moved me to tears…

And I did what I always do when emotions threaten to become too much – I pour it out in words.

And I hope that maybe, just possibly, my humble words might be inspiration to another – that one voice at a time, bit by tiny bit, we can bring about change… And again I am reminded –

“Compassion cannot be bought. It must be invoked, drawn down from the gods themselves, those masters of compassion, those creators of human beings in all their diverse forms.”