Never go to bed with a wet head…

Saturday morning – I’ve got plans with the kids. I stumble out of bed, take one look in the mirror and realize it’s going to take longer than usual to get ready.

I’m normally a 30-minutes from bed to door kinda gal. Not today! I made the mistake of showering late last night and going to bed with wet hair. Whoops. Anyone who has any amount of wave or curl will tell you that’s a big no-no!

So, I woke up with something that resembled a Halloween Fright Wig residing on my head. Ugh!frizz1.jpg

This is not what I call an attractive look!

No amount of taming, combing, goop-application, or any other of the various tricks in my hair management arsenal would bring order to the chaos that had seemingly taken over my locks.

It just was not happening.

I learned long ago to just give up and quit fighting my mop. But this time, it was to be a battle. Even the Almighty Pony Tail, tamer of frizzy mops, rescuer of limp locks and all around go-to-do was not sufficient for the beast on my head.

What to do, when all of your efforts at taming, or even simply getting the frizz to look reasonably deliberate have failed, and despite your best efforts, you still look like all you need in order to play an extra in some hideous horror flick is a little creepy makeup?


Alright, I may be able to live with this, if I were simply sticking around the house, but not for going out in public, and certainly not with two middle school age children tagging along – those creatures who are already embarrassed simply by the act of having a parent.

No, this would not do! Drastic measures needed to be taken!

To the shower!

Yes, it seemed that was my only choice. To rewash already clean hair in order to bring some sanity to my scalp… The result? Worth the effort, I think.