California Burning

Yep – I’m in the middle of it.

Our home is safe, we’re not really that close to any danger areas – but we’ve got fires going on three sides of us. While we’re not threatened, the air is horrible.

I have friends and coworkers who don’t know yet if their homes still stand. Several others who know their homes are OK, but don’t know when they’ll be able to return to them. And even then there is the damage from smoke, ash, water, etc that comes along with a fire and fire fighting efforts.

Tomorrow morning, I board a plane to Duluth – I fly away from the craziness here into a different kind of craziness – the family funeral. Mom’s memorial is Saturday. I’m still in shock…

Telling the kids was rough. Dealing with this while at the same time juggling work that has piled up because the office was closed for two days, now we’re behind deadlines and everyone on edge for not knowing – it makes me feel as if I’ve stepped into a Dali – I’m not sure if that wall that I reach to for support will really be there, or if it will melt away at my touch.

The air tastes nasty and smells worse… It wasn’t that long ago that the Cedar fire raged through, and now again…

Simply craziness.