Finding Inspiration…

I’ve been reading a fabulous blog written by a woman whom I will come right out and say makes me envious! She’s a beautiful lady, married to an incredibly sexy looking man (and obviously deeply in love), and they’ve produced a quartet of incredibly cute children. Okay, so what, right? Well, she can also cook, takes incredible pictures and writes with such a charming style it all just makes me envious, okay? Hell, I’m purely green at the moment.

In my little online ventures, I’ve run into a few women who inspire me in some way. Just pick any of the ladies over at MFFO, and take a look at HeadMutha, and I dare you to say you’re not inspired. And the group at MM, headed up by Courtney, is enough to restore anyone’s faith in womankind.

Anyway, that lady I mentioned up there? She’s been blogging the “how we met and married” story and it’s practically romance-novel material. Hell, I take that back, it IS romance-novel material! Since discovering her blog, I’ve been swept away in the romance of it all, and I am not a fan on that genre.

Any woman who reads this stuff is likely to have to start fanning herself to cool off, and it’s not explicit, it’s just… well, steamy. It’s also funny. And cute. And silly. And sweet. And… yeah.

Meanwhile, it also makes my little writer-type brain start twisting and turning and thinking, “wow! I’d love to be able to write a ‘how we met’ type story!” There’s only one problem, no amount of license, creative, editorial, artistic or otherwise, could put such a sweet-romantic spin on my own story! (Errmmm… someday, I’ll write it up and you’ll understand…)

But, I can and will, enjoy her story.

And I can and will take inspiration where I find it – as I see yet another woman online who makes me sit up and take notice, and this one also makes me dust off my cookbook project (long lying dormant under the pressures of life), pick up my camera for something other than work and recall the intricacies of f-stops and shutter speeds (which I was never very good at to begin with) and perhaps best of all, to enjoy writing…

Not every writing effort has to turn out a socially motivating post, or bring focus to a major world crisis. Sometimes, it’s just about life, and I love that even the every day can be so very beautiful!