Daisy T.C.T.B.M.B.F.H. stars in – Master’s Shadow

We recently attended a wedding out in the middle of the desert. And yes, I mean out in the middle – it was six miles off the paved road, okay? The dog was invited.

Yes, that would be Daisy, The Christmas Tree Ball Munching Boxer From Hell.

Supposedly, the Dog is “mine” – as in, she came with me. As in, I’m the one who did all the house breaking, leash training, puppy Kindergarten, etc.

Then, she met HIM, the BF and as far as she was concerned, I could go fly a kite, so long as I left HER with HIM.

Is this a gaze of doggy devotion or what? (I do have to say – I understand that look… I think I have it too sometimes!)

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Note – the “training collar” is because she was going to be around other dogs, in an unfamiliar environment, where pulling, tugging and other “disruptive” doggy behavior are not good things. Also because we were out in the middle of the desert and this little suburban doggy has never been up close and personal with the variety of flora and fauna out there…