The Gunchick on the air…

Some of you may know I’m working out details to do a monthly radio show in conjunction with MommyMatter and their mommy talk radio programs – more details on that later… Stand by… Suffice to say, there’s a great line up in the works, and the Gunchick show should be kicking off soon, followed by shows on the first Friday of every month.

As I’m gearing up for that, I’m working on some terrific guests, including fellow moms (and some dads) who happen to be gun owners, and also work in the firearm industry.

My entire goal here is not a debate about gun control – I’m not talking politics. I’m talking reality. Real parents, dealing with the real issue of firearms in homes with kids. Recognizing that firearms are a reality in many homes, it’s important to be informed with facts, not hype, propaganda, hysteria and scare tactics. Children’s safety comes first, as well as a look at women who love to play with guns, and some women in the field. Also, chats with some guys who have some terrific info to share and equally charming personalities.

If you are a gun owner, you have the issue of teaching your own children, keeping the firearms out of their hands, etc. And you have to deal with visiting children who may or may not have been taught about those very same things.

If you are not a gun owner, how do you teach your children about gun safety? How do you make sure the homes your children visit are safe?

I am not encouraging paranoia, but instead I’m focusing on honest talk about teaching kids to be street smart without making them, or you, paranoid. With emphasis on teaching kids about firearms they may find – especially in the homes of others. Also, how to talk to other parents about firearms in their homes. What you need to ask, how to ask it and what to do about the answers you get.

With all that said, I’m fishing – fishing for what other parents want to know, what they’d like to learn, or hear about… If you don’t feel comfortable posting it as an open comment, please feel free to e-mail me.

All opinions welcome….

Thanks much!