There once was a man from Nantucket…

And if you think I’m going to finish that dirty little ditty, think again!

However, I did just have to explain it to my kid – The Boy. He had heard part of it somewhere, and had somehow pestered someone enough to get them to repeat the entire thing to him, and then asked his trusty Mom what it all meant.

Now, let’s recall that I am the one whose Granny could make a sailor blush with shame and cause truckers to cover their ears and run for the confessional. I am not a wilting flower, nor do I have some strange idea that my children will never hear dirty jokes or other “adult” stuff until they actually reach adulthood. So, yep, I actually repeated the damn thing to him (correctly, since there were some errors in the otherwise “traditional” pattern of the piece, someone had attempted to make an already raunchy limerick even raunchier and had screwed up the rhythm, dammit) and explained it as best I could.


This was also how I discovered my kids know other (and less raunchy) limericks like the one about the girl from Madras, she who had the magnificent ass, as well as one I’d never heard before, something about a girl using a stick of dynamite in a most unnatural way and winding up blowing herself to bits (including her ass landing in Madras, is that just an irresistible rhyme, or something?)

I realize juvenile humor is what it is – juvenile. And I also realize this is the time period when kids graduate from the “grosser than gross” version of humor and move into more “sophisticated” subjects, like body parts, crude (and rude) sexuality and other “body” and bawdy humor. It’s normal.

Ah, parenting…

Yeah, I know – bad Mom! No parent in their right mind would actually repeat that nasty thing to their kid! And worse still, explain what it meant! Shock! For shame! Naughty me!

Yeah, well, I was also the one who sang “Oh Little Toad” with them when they were younger… and other “fun” and gross tunes. I did admonish The Boy (and The Girl, but she’s a bit wiser than he) to NEVER, ever, ever repeat those in front of an adult, and all the other typical parental warnings. Fortunately, both kids seem to have a solid grasp of when it’s “OK” and when it’s not.

Now excuse me whilst I go Clorox my brain – I have to get these things out of my head before I start recalling even worse ones!