Of copyrights and things that make me go “hmmm….”

~ The search term that generated traffic to my blog: “she stomped his testicles” – ohhhhkaaay…. I don’t quite get how that pointed to me and my little space, but ah… yeah… Hope they found what they were looking for. Or, maybe I hope they didn’t. Hmmmmm…

~ That my most popular posts have been A View From a Fat Woman, Never Go To Bed With a Wet Head and Bikini Baristas – in that order. Hmmmmm…

~ The strange site that stole one of my favorite posts (jeans) and stuck it up with no link, no credit, no nada – all of which makes it look like it was authored there. And they nabbed it the very day it was written. Dammit. Hmmm…

OK, that last one was really the purpose of this post. Folks, Yours Truly here works for a publishing company and one of my job duties is to handle the copyright issues for our publications. Yep, that’s right. I do this on a regular basis.

As such, anything I write for my company is protected under their copyright provisions. However, being the damned possessive person I am, I also learned to copyright anything I do for myself. Anything I write that is not under contract – ie: not written for a particular publication, or contracted to a copyrighted publication – is mine, mine, mine.

That means, MY intellectual property. MY ownership. And it also means, in my case, that it’s been copyrighted to me. Copyright exists at the moment of creation, and does not require registration in order to exist. Yours Truly, however, takes it so far as to actually register her works. Why? Because I can.

Note – all of my work here is mine, and is copyrighted to me – that includes my writing and my photography. When I have used other photography, or quoted, I have noted the source when necessary/required and if permission was required for use, it was obtained.

I, like any personal blogger, am truly flattered that something I have produced would warrant quoting, linking, copying, repeating, etc. And I truly welcome it – within reason!

It is totally cool to link to any of my pages and to quote (in limited fashion and with appropriate credit) any of my work. If you want to copy the whole mess – it’s really simple. E-mail me, let me know what you’re doing, then make damn sure there is a link to the original (as in MINE) very visible where you have copied it.

In other words – don’t go copying my work without letting people know where it came from…

And yes, I realize this particular case was probably a splogger, rather than an individual committing an act of serious plagiarism, I don’t care. Like I said, I’m possessive.

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