Yeah, I admit it – I’m a dimwit when it comes to this stuff… That’s what Art Departments are for, right?

Slowly but surely, my exasperated Art Director is teaching me a thing or two about taking decent pics, and playing with them in PhotoShop. I’m still in the PS 4 Dummies stage!

Meanwhile, the fruits of my labors, a “Before” and “After” set of The Girl. I’m pretty dang proud of myself.

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OK, let’s be honest – the “Before” isn’t bad. It’s not great, but it’s not bad for a casual “portrait” style shot either. The colors are a little flat, the background is distracting, and The Girl looks a bit washed out (yeah, she’s pale, but she’s not THAT pale!)

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Better, the background isn’t as distracting, the subject pops a bit, and the colors are much truer to life, though I need to learn to have a lighter hand on some of it… I just keep reminding myself – I will get better, practice makes perfect?