Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree – you’re such a pain in the butt to me!

Most of my decorating is done the weekend following Thanksgiving – but the tree, oh that little marvel of evergreen loveliness, it waits.

It waits because I don’t do a fake tree, but I still deal with the big tub of water, the pine needles and the inevitable stains on my light beige carpeting (what idiot decided light beige carpeting was a wise choice? Probably the same idiot who thinks kitchen counter tile with wide grout lines is attractive. Grrr. But I digress.)

And so, the annual trek to find The Magic Tree.

Last year had The BF bah-humbugging his way through countless tree lots, refusing several trees – ones I found perfectly acceptable – only to finally settle his grumbly, Scrooge butt on a 10′ monster tree – tall and skinny (because our living room is TALL, but narrow). So much for Scrooge. Bah humbug my fanny, okay?

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It did look terrific, though I did not have anywhere near enough lights for such a huge thing. (Love those dark spots! It didn’t help that I had to restring the lights thanks to the dog knocking it over…) In fact, somebody remind me to take pictures immediately after decorating this year. Last year, I waited – and the pictures of the crooked, bedraggled and slightly askew tree prove it.

This year, we plan on getting something smaller since we’re leaving town on the 21st and not returning till late Christmas day. Why buy a huge tree. Why buy a tree at all? Because I want one, dammit!

Now, keep in mind, I have a 1 1/2 story ceiling in my living room – which means, a short tree looks silly.

Also keep in mind, I have Daisy The Christmas Tree Ball Munching Boxer From Hell, whose presence mandates I keep the lower three feet of tree fairly naked.

Which means – if I put up a 6′ tree – I’m only going to really have 3′ of decorated tree. This does not please me. It does not please me at all.

So, my genus little brain thought – well, why not simply put the smaller tree up on a sturdy table? That way, the smaller tree looks bigger and Daisy TCTBMBFH doesn’t eat the lower three feet.

I’m either an evil genius, or incredibly stupid (since I can imagine all sorts of bad things happening to a smaller tree up on a table… Yipe!)

For now, I’m rearranging furniture and  figuring on going tree shopping this weekend.

In the rain.

Photos to follow… stay tuned…