And I didn’t even get rained on!

So much for genius ideas.

The BF – he of the Srooge-esque commentary, “why even bother putting up a tree when we’re going to be gone?” and “we’ll just do a little tree.” – yeah, that The BF… Him… Anyway, he and I went tree shopping earlier this evening… And it wasn’t raining.

Off to the tree lot we went, and gasped at the price of Nobles – eeeyikes! – and so we looked at the good old fashioned (and personally, more attractive) Douglas Firs. I was being the good girl and eyeballing the little 6′ trees while The BF – Mr. Scrooge, remember – headed straight for the big suckers.

He picked up one, discounted it, picked up the second and said, “Hey, Babe – this one looks good. What do you think?”

Now, I’m not going to turn my nose up at 9′ of Douglas Fir when it’s standing there, being held by that man. Nope. Stupid I ain’t.

Said tree came home with us – only to find out tree stand was missing some vital parts, so it sat in the garage all night.

That was Friday night.

Saturday afternoon found me with the repaired tree stand, the tree (which caused me to understand why I like Nobles better – the Douglas may look better, but they SHED!)

And thus our decorating was complete! Voila!

Photos to follow, of course!