Having a ball!

What is the deal with Christmas balls, huh?

I realize quite a few of mine fell victim to Daisy The Christmas Tree Munching Boxer From Hell, but that was last year, dammit! This year, I am not putting any glass balls on the lower three feet of tree, okay?

So, what’s the deal with the ball sitting in the box, all nice and neat, just like I packed it up last year, but it seems to be missing something? Hmmm… How in did it turn up missing this vital little part when it was happily packed in my Christmas box all year? Is there some Christmas Ball Mangling Gremlin in my garage?

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I’m convinced that must be the answer, since I also found several of this variety:
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Now, many of you are saying, “Great, Roxy, just great. I can see your messy living room, even the decorations and the neat dining room banister, all decorated for Christmas. I can even see you sparkly nail polish in a sort of bronzey, roundish kind of way – oh yeah, and that circular shape doesn’t do nice things for your hips, y’know. But what’s that got to do with the Christmas ball, huh?”

Well… Maybe this makes it a bit more clear?
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The damn ball was cracked, in several places. As were several others.

Considering my boxes were stored neatly and safely on a shelf in my garage – and the contents wrapped and stored nicely – I’m convinced I have a Christmas Ball Mangling Gremlin or two.

I’m also fairly sure I’ve got a few in the box that stores my lights – Light String Tangling Terrors, I’m sure of it.

They’re everywhere. Anybody know a good exterminator?