The Work Files – Strange Things On My Desk

I’m used to it by now, or at least, I should be. Strange things often wind up on my desk with no explanation, rhyme nor reason.

This week was no exception. I’ve been busy getting everything together for the Christmas luncheon (oddly enough, going reasonably smoothly, thank you very much) and I’ve been decorating the office for Christmas. I came in to work today to find these strange things on my desk…
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(for a full shot of this first beauty – scroll down…)

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In case you’re wondering, those are Christmas ornaments. Apparently, the Art Department usually has a “retro” tree – this hideous thing in neon green aluminum, and it usually sports an assortment of these “retro” style ornaments. Apparently, they all thought I should dig out their tree and put it up for them.

Hey guys! Dig it out yourself!

Personally, I was thinking the one looked rather like an enlarged pattern from old linoleum (circa 1960) and the second was supposed to be a space-traveling anemone. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not “cool” – big deal.

Charming item number three – an unusually low number of strange things to find on my desk, actually – is fairly obvious.
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Yeah. It’s a lens wipe, with a cute little clip thingy to hold it to your bag. And it’s own little stuff-sack to stuff it back into after use. Awww…. Thanks guys! I really love it when you give me swag like this! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh yeah – and that one ornament?
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