On the air… The Gunchick Speaks!

Kids and guns – it’s a parent’s nightmare, right?

Straight talk without paranoia – no hype and no politics.

Sound good?

Yeah, I thought so too. That’s why I am really excited to be teaming up with the ladies at MommyMatter and Blog Talk Radio to host The Gunchick Speaks – a once a month show discussing keeping kids safe.

The first show is tomorrow – December 14, at 1pm Pacific – check it out here. Following shows will be on the first Friday of every month. The MM ladies have a terrific line up of shows, including The Artist’s Soul, on tonight at 7pm (for us Left Coast folks) – give it a listen!

The Gunchick Speaks is aimed at discussing realistic ways to teach kids to be safe – about firearms, and about life – without encouraging paranoia, in the kids or the parents. Tomorrow’s show will be an introduction and cover some of the most basic concepts of safety.

Following shows will include guest speakers from the firearms and safety industries and will always include information on where to go for MORE. You can always check the MommyMatter site, or this blog for the actual sites and numbers.

My goal is to keep it fun, light and informative. This isn’t about politics – it’s about our kids. This isn’t about making guns out as the “bad guys” – it’s about making our kids into the “smart guys”!