The Gunchick Speaks – December

By the way – if you  missed the show – you can still hear it via the archives at

Hey all ~

Today’s show was a nerve-wracking experience to say the least. Just getting through the technical aspects and setting it all up had me scratching my head…. Yeah, so I can be a bit of a weenie. So what?

Meanwhile, I think it was a good, if slightly scatterbrained, introduction to Yours Truly and The Gunchick Speaks show. I rattled through a lot of information and referenced a whole lotta sites. I know I didn’t quote chapter and verse on each site, but I’m posting my list of resources here for your convenience.

I’ll do this each month – placing links to any guests who appeared on the show as well as information links and sites where you might find helpful products or programs.

Some of these sites do include some political agendas – while I’m trying to avoid that personally, the sites do offer helpful information and so are worthy of note. The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program is widely considered to be the absolute best firearm safety program for kids – politics aside – even the American Academy of Pediatrics will point people their way when it comes to teaching kids about guns.

And so, without further ado, and in no particular order – my list of resources and sources – note – for speed’s sake, these are not yet clickable links… I will fix that later, meanwhile C&P folks!