Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like…

I have this addiction to those “irresistible headline” things. It all started when I began checking the Snopes site because of all the hoax e-mails. I would dutifully go check it out, then reply back to the ridiculous e-mail with the Snopes link.

Then I discovered the “Daily Snopes” section, a collection of fun, silly and sometimes just strange headlines and news stories. We have a fairly regular column featuring “stupid crook” type stories, so it rapidly became a starting place to discover new info (prompting a deeper delve for more details). Usually, it’s full of stories that make me want to ask, “How thick can ya get?”

Just lately, there have been a couple that I thought were pretty cool… and in the spirit of the holidays, I want to share them.

Apparently, in the great state of Vermont, some guy is playing Santa and handing out cash.

Shoppers in the Rutland area have been surprised by a total stranger handing them a Christmas card – even more surprising is that the cards contain $50 in cash.

The anonymous gentleman had written a letter to a local paper saying he planned to give out $600 this season in an effort to “open a heart or two.”

The other story that had me shaking my head in wonder?

Only in California!

Police in Rancho Cordova, California have started pulling people over for good driving.

Why would they do this? Well, to give them a $5 gift card to Starbucks as a “thank you” for being a good driver, of course.

While I applaud the idea of rewarding good drivers, and I think it’s terrific that the local police are doing something creative, somehow, I don’t think seeing the flashing lights and the cop in your mirror is quite a nice reward, and the $5 from Starbucks is not enough to make up for my now being late to work.

Gee, thanks Officer!