The things I do for pictures!

Though I’m not the world’s greatest photographer (far from it!) part of my job often involves taking pictures of events I’m at. One thing I’ve learned is the best shots are those that are a little, well… unusual. For the purposes of my job, it’s all about the angle – and I’ve gotten into some strange positions in order to get the shot I want.

Shooters were to slide down the fireman’s pole to retrieve their gun and begin shooting. In order to get decent shots, I was literally crammed in a corner underneath the pole (out of their way, of course) and carefully leaning in and aiming the camera to shoot up the pole as the shooter came down.


Oh yeah – consider the above absolute proof positive that The BF has no butt.

The results? Decent shots, as you can see.
And my entire lower half covered in dust from sitting on the ground as well as the constant onslaught of dust kicked up by the landings.

I’m trying to improve my skills as a photographer, and the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. I’m also still trying to re-learn my way around all the f-stop and shutter speed fun. So, I’m doing a lot of playing with my camera. Taking odd pictures, crawling up on things, shooting from different angles, using different settings, etc. It’s fun and some of the results have been worth the effort.

My dog, on the other hand, simply thinks I’m truly weird, and she wants to know what this strange new growth is…