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Thanks to a long list of circumstances that would be far too boring to relate, The BF and I are house hunting…

Thanks to those same circumstances, we’re doing it sort of long distance – meaning, we’re not physically driving around and looking, but relying on the agent to send us potential listings, and then schedule a visit to the ones we like on the next time we’re in town… We’re not in an all-fire hurry, and with the market the way it is in our target town, we’re in a good place to be fairly picky.

More on that some other time…

What I’m getting to here is this: Maybe I’ve watched too many Discovery Channel shows. Maybe I’m too much like my mother (that woman whose house always looked better the day she left than when she moved in…) But, I figure when you sell your house, you want it to look its best, and its most attractive, and as universally appealing as possible.

And it’s not that I don’t like color – I do. I hate white walls with a blind, screaming passion.

But would somebody kindly explain these colors?