Fun with PhotoShop – a look at balls

In my quest for taking better pictures, I’m also learning about better photo editing… Maybe in a perfect world, with a perfect set up, a photographer who is extremely talented might produce a photo that requires little to no editing…

However, I live in a place I like to call “reality” and in that reality, sometimes – often times, pictures need help. I also know that sometimes a perfectly good picture becomes more interesting with a little help.

This isn’t a tutorial – heck no! I turn to others for that! This is just a little look into my journey of learning cool things to do with my pictures.

My subject for this experiment? A box of used golf balls, still icky with grass and dirt.
That’s the unadulterated shot – the only “work” done to it was to brighten it up a bit because it was a tad dark.

Just for fun, I played with the Solarize filter in PhotoShop. We’ve used this at work to create some rather interesting shots – and it can be very cool – try it out, it’s fun.

Then I turned to a place I love – The Light’s Right Studio – and used a couple of their (these particular ones are free!) PhotoShop “actions” – which are basically short cuts to some really neat effects…

A little retro B&W thanks to a conversion of theirs… I love the look of this one.

Who said B&W was all the same?
Another of their B&W actions – producing a totally different feel.

Like I said – this ain’t a tutorial! But playing with pics is fun, and it can certainly take something from the ho-hum into the extraordinary with just a few clicks.

Oh, and just for you T – I made these pics a tad bit smaller… ;->