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You take the mailroom clerk’s four-year-old son, add in the “grappling dummy” we have here for evaluation and pictures, the former cop/marine and martial arts editor guy, and add in the woman who knows that boys like to play rough?

Well… ummm… The pics are blurry because it’s awfully hard to get clear pictures of a flying child (especially when the photographer is laughing so hard)!

Ready? Let the wrestling begin!


Ha! I’ve got you now!


Oh, wait… maybe I don’t!


Take that!


I win! Ha!


Yeah, this is how we spent the half hour before lunch… The mailroom clerk’s wife brought the munchkin in, he was rambunctious and evil little me dragged out the virtually indestructible, designed to be manhandled dummy… It really got fun when one of our editor’s decided to get in on the action and help (he teaches kid’s martial arts classes as well…)

There were the parents all worried I had wound the moster up…

Then came reality – he ate lunch and went out cold for a nap!