Silliest Mom Moment – CHBM Collaboration #53

Silly mom moment? Me? Never! But the ladies at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas want to know – so… why not?

Oh gee wow, you want a list? I’ve pulled some doozies, and I’m sure I’ll pull more before this whole adventure is done.

I’m rather fond (ahem, cough!) of the time at that hell-hole called Chuck E Cheese when, “slightly” pregnant and watching my toddler zoom through the tubes with an “extremely” pregnant friend’s toddler, her child decided to “get lost” and have a panic attack, screaming bloody murder in the top-most section of those giant Habi-Trails.

There we both sat in that loud, noisy place, trying to “talk the kid down” when it finally occurred to us, someone was going to have to go in to retrieve her. I being the least rotund of the two, it fell to me to crawl through incredibly smelly maze of tubes (no amount of air handling will ever completely rid those things of the smell of dirty diapers, sweaty socks and greasy pizza) to “rescue” said screaming toddler and triumphantly slide down the slide with both her and my own munchkin on my lap.

Of course, at that moment, I also realized we had become the latest entertainment for all the other parents – who watched with glee (“Better her than me!”) as I passed each “viewing window” and open space. What do you do at that point? Why, take a bow of course. Fortunately, a toddler is too young to be mortified over her mommy’s silly nature. And why we never thought to send a skinny, young and presumably not pregnant employee in after the kid is beyond me.

Are there others? Sillier stories, more embarrassing moments, etc? Why of course there are, but in those cases, I really would prefer to let the past remain the past!