A Blog Was Born – a look into my amateur mind

Way back when, when I decided to start this silly thing called a blog, I really didn’t know what I would do with it. Mostly, I figured it was just an outlet for writing, spewing, ranting, holding forth and letting my writing flow without editorial effect (other than mine own…). I didn’t realize at the time it would become an obsession, a way to reach others, a way to find others and such an incredibly challenging, and yet rewarding “hobby” – and make no mistake, hobby it is. I’m an amateur by the strictest definition of the word –

1 : devotee admirer
2 : one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession

Basically, I do this for fun.

That said, there are times when it’s challenging to come up with content that is interesting, worthy of posting, etc. Sometimes I’m silly, sometimes serious, and floating around in various electronic places are snippets of posts started, thought processes began and monologues that went nowhere. Some are in desperate need of attention, and really should be taken out, dusted off and developed. Others deserve only the trash bin.

In that pile, however, are little bits of thoughts that I randomly jot down (I used to do that on paper – still do in fact but mostly it’s in my computer.) Along with those are bits and pieces of things past, memories more like a snapshot than a real memory – just the image of a single time, place or event – one image, nothing more. And let’s not forget the tidbits of trivia, random quotes and bits of songs and poetry lurking in those recesses of memory.

What to do with all of that? Where is this post going? Will it develop into something worthy of publication, or will it languish away, waiting for clearer thoughts, better words?

And what started this strange thing anyway?

This is the way my brain works…

Somehow or another, the little title “Rings-n-things” right here in my own space made me flash on the “rings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff” ala that magic dragon named Puff, which got me thinking of other “children’s” songs and poems that really were deeper than they appeared, which drove me to trying to recall that story/song/cartoon about Oblio, which started me thinking that I really need to update the movie quotes at the bottom of my profile on MommyMatter, which made me start wondering where I can find new material for quotes and my blog, which resulted in the starting of this post. And somewhere along the way, I started thinking monologues and soliloquies and Shakespeare, and all that tale told by an idiot stuff.

Whew! Nothing like a little stream of consciousness, now is there?

But now I have “Me and My Arrow” stuck in my head.