Embarrassing our children – the job of parents everywhere

What can I say? I firmly believe it is the job of parents to make sure to have plenty of embarrassing stories, preferably with photographic evidence, of their children’s foolishness.

Why? Well, to embarrass them in front of future girlfriends/boyfriends, of course!

Yes, I am firmly aware that my children will probably be seeking years of therapy thanks to having me for a mom. Yeah. I know. I deal with it. It runs in the family.

Hence – my careful saving of pictures such as these… On a night my kids and I were goofing around, and of course, I had a camera handy. You’d think The Boy would know better than to do this stuff in front of me when I’m armed with a camera. Really. C’mon now.

What parent could resist?

Dancing around and singing: I like big butts….


Showing off the Mr. Universe physique…