My poor neglected little blog…

Between training my replacement, trying to wrap up everything here at the office, communicating with (and sharing forwarding info with) all the various industry people I deal with and letting them know my schedule for leaving, who will be replacing me, etc, and let’s not forget the rest of life like packing and cleaning a house, preparing for a move, dealing with The BF’s whacked out schedule these days, job searching, interviews, oh and let’s not forget a little thing called parenting, I’ve barely had time to be online, much less update my poor little neglected blog.

Never mind that the usual fodder for this place – poignant and touchingly worded stories from life, wondrously well-crafted rants and knee-slappingly funny anecdotes (I can dream, can’t I?) – OK, fantasy aside, my usual fodder is built on life. My life. The crap going on in my life. And occasional bits of things I find interesting. What was my point again? Oh, yeah.

It seems it’s become de rigeur for potential employers to do some Internet snooping on applicants, which means my usual grumps and grumbles about the goings on in my life might not bode so well for me getting a job.

I can see it now. Interview with Potential Employer goes well, but involves some humorous thing (or something I can certainly twist into humor) and I walk away from it planning to blog the whole, sordid event. But wait, PE has done their homework and found my little Web home, and now they’re reading all about our little meeting, right here, in black and white (or whatever color I happen to set the text for.)

Oh, that’s not a good thing.

Or is it?

Stories of meetings where the PE promised a “grueling” experience, which turned out to border on the snore inducing will have to wait. (Who, besides an eighth grader, considers eighth-grade grammar “grueling?”)

Shelved until the interviews are over are tales of misspelled advertisements, PEs who can’t seem to put two-and-two together – No, I’m not moving until the end of February. Yes, that means I am not available to start until then. No, I can’t just commute back and forth.

And we’ll not even discuss the rest of it. At least not until it’s all over. It simply wouldn’t do to be poking fun at the company that later decides to hire me, now would it?