Can I get some service here?

Finally, something to blog about other than my impending move, on-going job search and the training of the replacement…

A Casio watch, a rather outrageously expensive time piece that not only tells the time, but acts the part of altimeter, compass, barometer, and lots of other ometers that I don’t care to think about, as well as some other weird, and totally necessary functions, I’m sure The BF would just insist his watch has to have.

Well, the dang thing busted.

I don’t know what else to call it when the outrageously expensive thing that is supposed to do all those things no longer does them. It’s busted, right?

So, off it goes to Casio for repair. I call the repair dept, get the address and send it in. Weeks later it comes back, with a note. They need a “repair authorization number” before they can do anything to it.

Another call to Casio, assurances that they do not need the number since it’s no longer under warranty and off it goes again.

And it came back, again. Again with the note. It needs a repair authorization number.

I call again. Guess what? It’s President’s Day and apparently, Casio customer service does not work on President’s Day. So I give up on the phone people and switch to the Internet (where I should have started, I guess!)

This time, I find a cool little function called “Elite Service” where you can log on, put in all the info, get your handy-dandy “repair service authorization number” and even print out a handy-dandy label with which to mail your busted outrageously expensive thing back to Casio for, gasp!, repair.

Wow. What a concept. Now, why didn’t one of the multitudes of phone people I talked to over the course of this event ever tell me about this service?

Oh, and it costs nothing extra. Nope. It’s the same darn fee for fixing this no-longer-under-warranty outrageously expensive thing that isn’t doing all the things it’s supposed to do.