The moving Files…

Well, the dog is happy!

And the move went well… The job search continues (with a couple of promising prospects)… And the must-do list is getting longer…

The yard, that expanse of pea-gravel-covered desert xeriscape (something I thought was impervious to weeds) is, thanks to a recent rainy spell followed by a warm sunny spell, covered in this unpleasant stuff:

Can we say, “Round Up!”

I’ve also discovered that the pea gravel harbors some not-so-nice surprises…
These charming little buggers are known as goat heads, bull’s heads, sand burs and a host of other, equally descriptive names, none of which truly describe them.
What they really are is evil incarnate in the form of a nasty thorn that sticks to anything and everything and is the bane of bare feet and dog paws everywhere.

And of course, there was the unfortunate spa incident – where the indoor spa decided to spring a massive leak, literally sending our spa tech into the corner (had I not been so worried about him getting fried by the high-pressure spray of water over the live 220-volt outlet, I would have been laughing myself silly – which I did later, as soon as I knew all was safe…) I was also wishing for a video camera, it was that funny… If you can image a 6’4″, 220+ pound man literally picked up off his feet and pinned in a corner by a spray of water – then calmly laughing as he wipes his glasses, you’re getting close….

Coupled with trying to get the Internet working, and working correctly, dealing with all the little surprise malfunctions (and the interesting repair people…) and all the other fun of a move – it’s been busy… And very little time for blogging…

Plans are underway to return to our (semi) regularly scheduled silliness and social commentary courtesy of Yours Truly.