A flash of orange?

Yes, my yard is filled with weeds… It’s also filled with the remnants of some Realtor’s idea of making the house look “more attractive” – which means, a lot of dead or dying non-desert loving plants that looked great when they came from the nursery, but thanks to the desert climate, the watering system set for desert-loving natives, and a general lack of care, they’re now a universal, and ugly crispy brown.

And so, I’ve been removing the dead stuff, killing the weeds and trying to salvage the native, drought-tolerant stuff that I’m finding hiding under all the mess.

Spring rains and warm temps brought an abundance of weeds, as well as an overflow of flowers from nearby beds.

And this morning, there it was, lurking among the sprays of odd flowers, dying weeds and plants I’ve managed to save. Actually, there were two of them…

Bright splashes of orage – an impossibly vivid color in this landscape of muted greens and browns.


It appears, I’ve got poppies.