Home Improvement Project – or why is there a jacuzzi in my family room?

Someone in their weird wisdom installed a jacuzzi spa in the family room.

In all honesty, the family room was once an enclosed porch, so it’s likely the spa was simply on the porch and they built the family room around it. Well, now that we know the spa works – though it sprung a spectacular leak at the pump… that’s another story… it’s time to put it where it belongs: somewhere other than my family room. Somewhere outside.

However, it won’t fit through the doors of the room (see why I think they built the room around it?) and it means taking out an entire wall…

And so – the weekend project coming up:

Knocking out a wall, a door and three windows, moving the spa to its new home, and rebuilding the wall with new windows (ones that are designed to actually open and close) and brand new French doors…. (and possibly redoing the window with that hideous window AC unit… we have central… hello!)

OOooo I’m all a tingle!