Deconstruction Underway!

And so it begins…

The wall, windows and door came out… and naturally, unexpected issues arose…

You see, this house is concrete block construction – which limits options when it comes to remodeling… and the way this room was constructed, it means it has three FULL concrete walls (which aside from a window replacement, we aren’t messing with) and one that’s concrete sides and framed in the middle – where the windows and doors were.

Which is exactly what we found. Along with that oh-so-handy horizontal load bearing beam. We also found that the oh so attractive upright beams (there as part of the framing only) were set on 8″ long metal rods, sunk into the concrete foundation. Ever try to remove a beam that’s been set on a giant metal rod? It’s a pain in the sledgehammer.

So, for those and a few other reasons, the original plan got slightly modified … thank heavens for friends who are contractors and do this stuff for a living!

We also discovered a significant lack of insulation in the ceiling over the room. Damn. Another trip to the home improvement store…

But, by early morning, all the deconstruction was complete, there was a truck full of trash and a pile to be repurposed (terrificly huge panes of tempered glass do not belong in the trash heap) and the reconstruction had begun.

Oh, yeah – and Daisy, TCTBMBFH is getting her very own doggy door framed into the new section of wall. Is she a spoiled doggy or what?

So, by tomorrow evening I should have some pictures up (right now, I’m stealing a moment as The BF and friends are finishing lunch…)