Home Improvement, Part 2 – More pictures




Is the “Babe Magnet” – there’s a long story about that, but this isn’t the time or place. Suffice to say, for some stupid reason, it nearly always attracts female attention of the positive nature.

We borrowed the Babe Magnet from a friend so we had both a “trash” truck and a “go fetch more siding” truck. Let’s not discuss the trips to the home improvement store…


The weekend was busy – with a few unexpected issues (and extra trips to those hell-holes on earth – Home Depot and Lowes), but a lot got done.

The wall came down, the spa went out, and the wall, new doors and windows went in – including a framed-in doggy door.

The spa still needs some work (that’s on the list), the exterior still needs coat of paint number 2, and trim paint (also on the list) and then the outside is done.

The interior needs the drywall completed (all that ugly wallpaper is GONE!) and one window still needs interior trim work done, it needs to be taped, mudded and textured then painted (all of that is on that ever-so-long list).

The floor is going to wait – although it’s badly marred where the spa was, and it’s half carpet and half linoleum – the budget simply isn’t there to do all of this and the floor all at the same time. So the floor waits until we’re ready to do the entire house floor and then it will get 18″ tile from front door on back – excluding bedrooms.

We did manage to stick within budget on this monster… The doors and windows were on sale (and we shopped around for those… found some great local resources) and we were able to save money on some of the disposal – there’s a local guy who picks up and recycles metal from demo work, so there went the old and rusty security screen and the nasty old AC unit.

Another friend had use for the gigantic panes of tempered glass and the old single layer glass door – so those didn’t have to go in the trash truck.

And we were able to reuse the old beams, so we didn’t have to do that part of the frame work, only framing in the new windows and doors.

For now, the siding went up – the original patio was all done in siding, and we had originally thought of going to stucco like the rest of the house, but that’ll happen down the road when we repaint the whole house – we’ll just stucco then.

One piece at a time, one project at a time – it’s getting done!