Random weird thoughts…

Between the work schedule, starting a weight loss blog, learning more indepth SEO concepts and working on the house – I have very little “free” time.

This weekend we’re working on the inside of our little home improvement project… there’s some drywall and mud work that needs doing.

The BF’s mother is coming over to help – great lady, love her to death – but there’s my point… It’s so much easier to say “the MIL” but, I’m not married, so I have to explain the relationship: my boyfriend’s mother. There needs to be some better term for that… Maybe: the NMIL (not-mother-in-law)?

Work is an interesting challenge… On the one hand, I recognize this has incredible potential. On the other, I’m not sure how well I’ll do at this interim part. It’s frustrating to say the least. Hopefully, it will also be rewarding.

Every time I reach a level where my frustration gets so intense I consider looking elsewhere, something happens to make me rethink it and wait.

I’ve reached a point where I think waiting is the best bet… But I’ve also reached a point where I’m not waiting quietly…

Back to the remodeling…

It went well, the exterior is basically done (needs trim paint…) and tonight, the jacuzzi – in its proper place, outside – felt wonderful!

I’ve been splogged again… Not on this blog, but on the weight loss one. I knew that would happen. Any time you hit popular keywords like “weight loss” you’re going to get all those spammy sites stealing your stuff. At least this one linked back to my site (as if there could be a good part to plagiarism???) but still without proper “real” credit. In fact, the “author” name wasn’t mine and linked to another site entirely.

What’s interesting is the new job has me really understanding what these folks are doing when they steal like that – which really pisses me off.

Thieves beware – I don’t play nice when it comes to stealing my stuff!

I am always happy to share – when properly done…

And on that note – I’m so tired, so cooked by the jacuzzi, I’m incapable of stringing more coherent thought together and I shall bid everyone good night!