Bad spammers! The dark side of…

Okay, so maybe they’re really not the dark side…

Yeah, right. At the bottom of this post (addresses and IPs removed to protect the less than innocent) are two comments and a pingback… All three are junk. All three are thanks to either spammers or sploggers… And all three are cheesy!

We all know one way to spread the word about your site is to comment on other sites – to be a participant, make relevant comments, to spread the linky love around… When you comment on someone else’s site, it usually means a link to your own… And sometimes you get traffic back thanks to your participation.

That’s how it’s supposed to work anyway…

However – these folks did everything wrong!

Read any SEO blog or how-to manual, check out sites like SEOBOOK and SEOMOZ   (two of my faves) and you’ll quickly figure these guys out… (and warning – I’m really over-simplifying stuff here…)

My little friend “Job Search Engine” obviously didn’t read the post very well, and also has a horrid command of the English language (especially for a writer!)

 Oh but wait! His post isn’t a real comment! It’s a promo for that site… hmmm… ahh… gee, can we say “Spammy comment”? Yep. I knew we could!

How about friend #2, “Jenista”, she of the “have a nice day!” comment. Well, guess what? That’s not some cool friend of mine dropping by to say a quick hello. Nope. She’s got a motive too…Make comment, gain traffic back when people click your link. Yeah, like an online loan site has anything to do with weight loss – which is where she placed the comment. More spammy crap.

Huh. Wow. I’m feeling unloved here.

Friend #3 is probably the least scrupulous of the bunch… That little fink actually stole content, without permission, placed it on a different site (yeah, ok, at least it did include a link back – buried in other crap) but placed it under someone else’s byline (author name). Hey! Stealing much?! Oh, no, just splogging.

You want an article to link back to your site? Pay for the damn thing people!

And to think, a year ago, none of this would have made any sense to me…

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  • By your comments I can see you are not happy with your job, I am also a content writer with a search engine, but my live is cool just because they have workfrom home facility….thanks to jobmixi.(removed by Yours Truly) 
  • jenista | hi,Have a nice day. (removed by Yours Truly) 
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