Lightening the mood…

Yeah, life’s been crazy… what else is new?

In so many ways, it seems like we’ve been in Arizona forever, and in other’s it’s hard to believe it’s already been two months – heck, over two months…

In that time, I’ve started a new job, we’ve (mostly) unpacked the house, repainted the bedroom, torn down a wall, taken a jacuzzi outside, rebuilt the wall – and windows, and door – repaired drywall, plastered, primed and painted that room, shopped for a rug to cover the nasty stains on the linoleum (that isn’t getting replaced because our home repair budget doesn’t permit flooring just yet!), tried to stay on top of weeding the overgrown yard (who knew a desert scape could get overgrown?), tried to carve out the “usual” house keeping, grocery shopping, cooking, living, etc, all while getting used to a 45-hour work week (what the hell was I thinking when I took this job?), and oh so much more.

My writing – outside of work, that is – has fallen down the tubes to say the least!

My picture taking has followed it… And there are several pics sitting in my camera waiting to be downloaded and ‘shopped.

But I had to share my weekend (and it’s only Wednesday! Wow, I’m finally getting to Sunday’s activities?)

You see, when we got this place, we knew right away that awful jacuzzi-in-the-family-room thing had to go. And go it did (look back for my home projects…) We also knew what we would put in its place…

A pool table.

And so – we investigated inexpensive tables. And The BF hated them. They didn’t “play” right.

And so – we investigate used tables.

And I hated them. Plus it seemed silly. By the time you bought the table, paid to have it moved, paid to have it refelted and rebumpered, plus bought new balls, cues, etc, you were almost to the price of a new table, but you had no warranty.

And so – we shopped. And we bought. In fact, we bought this table, custom done with burgundy felt. It’s a gorgeous piece in that room. (I need to take pics!)

But before we got that, I saved some money.

I found a furniture shop having a going out of business sale, they were selling their display rugs at dirt cheap prices. I found a beautiful area rug, 8×11, gorgeous, and typically priced at $550.

Wanna guess what I paid for that rug? Try $62. Yep. That’s it. Mind you, it doesn’t offset the price of that damn pool table, but I’ll save a buck (or a few hundred of them) when I can.

Oh yeah, I don’t even know how to play pool. The BF is teaching me.