39 and holding?

OK, my birthday was this past week and I decided to have some fun and take one of those “virtual age” tests. Oh surprise, surprise! I’m “virtually” all of 18.5 years old! Wheeee – I’m just a kid!

Now, let’s get to reality… Last week, I turned 39, the beginning of my 40th year on this planet and my last year of being “under 40.” I did some surfing around and found a lot of “woe is me” posts about turning 39, a lot of “oh crap am I feeling old” garbage. Well guess what? This isn’t going to be another one of those posts! Nope!

You see, I don’t feel old, and I don’t feel like sitting around moping about being “almost 40.” Big fat hairy deal!

Actually, I feel younger now than I did a few years ago (hmmm, amazing what a happy home life does to you!) And I look better.

Besides, how can I feel sorry for myself when my coworkers were guessing this was my 30th birthday, not my 39th?