There’s a storm a brewin’

Well, there was one brewing…

Monsoon season in AZ has struck… and this little Native San Diegan was awe struck at some of the weather patterns…

The microburst

An Arizona Storm
An Arizona Storm

It was an interesting, beautiful and slightly scary thing… As right over the house was clear… But less than 200 yards away was pouring rain and high winds. The burst never hit the house – but friends and neighbors sustained damages.

In other news, I’ve been so busy with everything else, I’ve had little time to update my little blog… poor neglected baby!

Strange things are afoot in the land of the Gunchick! And since I know all too well who reads these pages on a regular basis, I’ll keep my ever-lovin’ trap shut on them for now!

Suffice to say – thar’s changes a-brewin’! An’ m’thinks they’re for the good.

Meanwhile life has gotten interesting… very, very interesting…

Next happy note: On Halloween weekend – I get to go deer hunting!!!! Yeah!!!! Weeeeheeee! I got drawn for primo country for any antlered deer. Ask me if I’m doing cartwheels? Oh yeah!

That’s it for this update… I’ve got several wonderful bloggy posts running around in my head… I just haven’t had the time to develop them into coherent thought… and my free time lately has been taken up with them thar changes.

Stay tuned for more!