Who’s that skinny chick, huh?

Oh?! That’s me?

Yep, that means I was 19!
Age 19, believe it or not...

Nearly a year after Mom passed, I’m finally really going through all the pics. Wow. What a walk down memory lane. But skip that, this about that skinny chick in those pictures!

Most people who have met me recently, can’t imagine me being skinny. Or even really trim. They see the curvy me. But up until kids, I was a little bitty thing. Even after kids, I was pretty trim. It wasn’t until the car accident that I got fluffy.

As I work to watch the weight, to get myself back into the shape I’d like to be in, I have taken a realistic view. Do I ever want to be the itty bitty thing I was back then (a six on a fat day…) – the answer is: No.

Spoiled brat sitting on Grandpa's lap...
Spoiled brat sitting on Grandpa's lap

More than one male friend has said: Don’t lose so much that you lose that ass.

Ha! Guys, I’ve got a news flash for ya – I don’t care how much weight I lose, the caboose is still the caboose.

Gratuitous Butt Shot
Gratuitous Butt Shot

By the way – the top two pics are Christmas 1988 at my grandparent’s house and all the mess of Christmas with family…and the bottom one is January 1989, looking down the cliffs at a bunch of seals and sea lions near Gualala, California.

Suddenly, I’m inspired to get my ass back into yoga… ASAP!