A chocolate fix…

As far as I’m concerned, life is simply not complete without chocolate.

Even though I am trying to watch what I eat, I refuse to live life without the wonderful indulgence that is chocolate.

I don’t mean a Hershey’s bar, or any other typical candy bar that has more corn syrup than cacao. I mean the real deal. I mean chocolate so intense, it makes you close your eyes and sigh in pleasure. I mean chocolate that is a sensual experience, worthy of the calories and fat.

A long time favorite is Valrhona – a genuine indulgence, both in taste, and expense. Sadly, Valrhona is rather difficult to find on the edge of nowhere. Though I have found one place, AJ’s, only 20 miles away, that carries the luscious stuff, it’s a truly dangerous place where the selection of cheeses alone is enough to make me almost forget about the chocolate.

Good ole Trader Joe’s has long been my salvation for affordable, quality chocolates. But the nearest Trader Joe’s is also 20 miles away.

What’s a girl to do? How am I to get my chocolate fix?

Salvation came from an odd source.

The Starbucks Coffee just a couple of miles away – and the fabulous little box of tasting squares.

Perfect little indulgences. A tiny, individually wrapped bite of chocolate heaven.

Life is good.

Isn't it cute? And dark chocolate...mmmmm....
Mmmm.... dark chocolate and citrus: yum!
Le Sigh!
Le Sigh!

(now would someone kindly tell me why I’ve been having serious issues getting any picture to be nice and crisp? sheesh! it’s like I’ve gone backwards in photography skills!)