Of Palin, pumps & pettiness

Alright, I’m no fashion maven – you won’t see me trotting around town in the latest, hottest styles.

To be honest, you’re more likely to see me in fairly classic styles, and maybe a few trendy items here and there. But that’s not my point.

As a fence-sitting voter, one who literally has one foot in either camp depending upon the issue, this has been an interesting election year for me.

I’ve unfortunately been present for more than a few conversations that included debates over whether or not Sarah Palin was “hot” – since when did hotness matter in a political candidate?

One particular discussion stood out – there was a lot of talk about her fashion sense, or lack of it, prior to the image polishing (and her reported $150,000 splurge on a total fashion redux) she no doubt received as part of being the Veep candidate.

What? You think she always looks pretty good?

Naughty librarian discussions aside, I’ll agree. She does look pretty good … now. But style does not substance make.

Meanwhile, what in the hell is her thing for wearing open, platform style sandals with “business attire” – I might ignore it if these were images of her waiting to go through the security check point at an airport. But these are both images of her in her official capacity, at some official function.

OK, so she sacrificed style for comfort. Not so great a crime… except it looks sloppy.

But then I saw this pic:

And was suddenly flashing back to a San Diego Opera production of the Barber of Seville – way back in the early ’90s. One where the set featured bright blue clouds and blood red chairs floating in the air.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pic of the costumes from the final scene. The costumes where the dress matched the cloud-covered set.

When the Veep candidate is putting you in the mind of a Tim Burton movie, it is not a good thing!

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